It began as a dream…waiting for the fullness of time to germinate. A fast food restaurant that served vegan food that actually tasted good. In fact not good, but insanely good. A fast food restaurant that treated customers like royalty to win repeat business. Clean uniforms, clean dining areas and absolutely clean restrooms will bring customers back and help them feel appreciated. That is what Filsaime is all about. Great food, Great experience that helps people get healthy bodies and a healthy planet.

With the sudden (and wide) interest in the vegan lifestyle we felt the time was right to launch this chain.

Perseverance Endeavors is the holding company for the Filsaime restaurant chain. Our first location will be in Denver Colorado and later spread across the United States.

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Waquim Filsaime is the founder, chairman and CEO of Perseverance Endeavors. His role is to provide overall leadership and focus on the goals of the organization.

Waquim was born and raised in Saint Petersburg Florida where he attended school earning honors while taking IP classes. He attended Strayer University in Columbia, SC where he earned his BA in Human Resource Management.

He moved to Charlotte, NC where he started his first leadership role as an Assistant General Manager for Taco Bell. This experience gave him deep insights in how a fast food restaurant should be run. This included what worked as well as what didn’t work. He began to form a vision for a better customer experience.

After two years he moved to Denver Colorado where he became the Training General Manager of Wing Stop in Thornton Colorado. This role gave him exposure to every aspect of how a successful operation needs to function. His drive and passion for delivering on a superior customer experience was born here.

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Rick Esterline is our Chief Marketing Officer. Rick's function is to oversee the Marketing, Press Relations and Communications for Perseverance Endeavors.

Rick Esterline Previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Quintess Collection a luxury vacation club for millionaires and billionaires. Prior to Quintess, Rick was the Chief Technology Officer for Sports Thread, a social media company for college athletes. Rick was also the Chief Marketing Officer for CloudWrangler, a cloud services distributor. Rick's function was to oversee the team that produces sales materials, as well as managing the marketing campaigns. He also managed the Technical Support functions.

Rick has three decades of Marketing experience. Prior to joining CloudWrangler he was the principle at Esterline Consulting which provided strategic and tactical marketing plans to numerous startups and small businesses in a variety of fields. He was also the Vice President of Marketing and co-founder for Peak8 Solutions.

Prior to Peak8 Solutions Rick was the founder and president of Boulder Technology Partners which provided information security services and managed services to small and medium business in Colorado.

Rick began his marketing career at Sun Microsystems where he built their entire Worldwide services portfolio which generated $3.5 billion in annual sales with 45% gross margin on ASP.

Rick's undergraduate studies were at the University of Arizona where he had two majors (Biology and Chemistry). His graduate studies were in Psychology at Western Seminary.

Rick has served on the board of two non-profits including the role of Chairman. His leadership skills have been in clear evidence his entire career. He is a servant leader by nature, but is adaptable to the culture of whatever organization he is working in.