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Domino's gets it wrong, twice


There have been two news stories, in the last few weeks, about someone ordering a vegan pizza from Domino's and getting a meat based pizza instead. In both cases (one in England and one in Australia) the customer ate the pizza without realizing it until later. Here is what is so surprising about this story…Domino's has one of the best quality control systems in the fast food industry, they are exceptionally well managed and these occurrences seem far out of character for this brand.

But it can happen, in fact it did happen, twice on two different continents. The reason it can happen is that the Vegan ingredients look just like the meat based ingredients. They are probably stored right next to each other. These same meat-based and vegetable-based ingredients probably sit in small trays right next to each other on the "make" line (where the dough is rolled, sauce is added and ingredients sprinkled on before going into the oven). They are right next to each other…and humans can and do make mistakes. The only way to reduce human error is to buy your fast food from a restaurant that has no meat-based products whatsoever. A restaurant like we are trying to build.

A week scarcely goes by without reading about a meat-based fast food chain that is offering Vegan entrees. That is great, any progress is good, however why would anyone who has adopted a Herbivore lifestyle want to reward one of the largest enablers of factory farming? But that is not why you should avoid these meat-based chains, the reason to avoid them is because you don't know if you are going to get a plant-based meal or, by mistake, a meat-based meal. Remember, fast-food restaurants have very low pay scales and very high turnover. These things contribute to mistakes. Since a Vegan fast food restaurant has no meat or dairy within it's walls, it can't serve you a meat-based meal by mistake.

Waquim Filsaime
24 May 2020
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