05 January 2020

So how do I make a difference for global climate change?


Most of us can't put up a wind turbine, or large solar panels, most of us can't switch to all electric cars…yet. But there is something that we can do to make a difference in this area. We can begin to replace a meat based meal or two per week with plant based meals. It is easier than you might think and there are some great options out there. But why bother you might ask? Well, there are two good reasons:

  • Most Americans eat a lot of meat. If we reduced the amount of meat we eat we would be healthier. Didn't your mother tell you to eat more vegetables? Probably. The amino acids you get from meat are hard (but not impossible) to get from plant based meals, but the benefit of eating less meat is significant. Less inflammation, less heart disease and lower risk of certain types of cancer are the benefits of shifting from meat based meals to plant based. Great if you want to go completely Vegan, but beginning with replacing just a few meals a week is a great start.
  • The big win, however, is for the environment. Farm animals produce 14% of the carbon in our atmosphere. If we eliminated all farm animals it would have a larger effect than if we all gave up gas powered cars, trucks, planes, etc. Well it just isn't going to happen. But if we can reduce the demand for meat just a bit, but shifting a meal or two per week to plant based, farmers would grow fewer farm animals; less carbon therefore.

We can make a difference without making a dramatic change in our lives. A meal or two per week can get the job done.

Waquim Filsaime
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