Perseverance Endeavors
Building a chain of Vegan Fast Food Restaurants

Healthy Body

A plant-based diet is better for your health

Healthy Planet

Farm Animals contribute up to 14% of the Carbon in our atmosphere, by switching to a plant-based diet we need fewer farm animals.

Plant-based Diet

We have developed recipes that are delicious, 66% of the population is replacing at least a few meat-based meals per week with plant-based.

Our Vegan Fast Food Restaurants Will Be Unique

These will be positioned as fast food for Herbivores. We will make it easy to enjoy truly delicious vegan meals that will make our guests healthier as well as make our planet healthier all without harming animals.

Forbes Magazine has proclaimed 2019 as the year of the Vegan

We are trying to reach 3 market segments:
  • Vegans - This represents about 4% of the population and our most committed customers.
  • Vegetarians - This represents about 6% of the population and also very committed
  • Flexitarians - This represents about 66% of the population who are trying to work more meat substitutes and vegetables into their diet
The market "Buzz' around Vegan food is pretty impressive right now. The Beyond Meat IPO was successful and that company is trading well above it's IPO price. The large fast food chains are beginning to experiment with offering some Vegan options on their menu. We don't believe that they will be successful since their current offerings are not particularly healthy and many Vegans and Vegetarians are likely to be offended by the fact that much of their menu will remain Meat Based.

Consumers are open to trying more Vegan options and we are building our restaurants to capture this rapidly expanding trend. Our first "prototype" restaurant will be located in North Denver where the population has no current Vegan options. The population is large enough that we can grow quickly to a cash positive position.

Our fast food Vegan concept is particularly exciting as we will offer:
  • Dine in with extensive comfortable and exceptionally clean seating (including an aquarium to teach children about the importance of our oceans)
  • Pick up that can be ordered by phone, web or smart phone app
  • Delivery also order able by phone, web or smart phone app
  • Drive thru
  • We will offer catering options for businesses and schools in our market area

We are currently raising funds.

If you are an accredited investor and want to be part of what we are doing we would love to talk to you and get you a copy of our business plan as well as our financial documents. Click the link below to be part of what we are building.

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